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At Investigate magazine, we needed tougher phones than the telcos sell. Phones that can operate in all weather, even underwater. Phones you can wash if they get dirty. Phones that can take a bit of rough and tumble. Phones that can operate two phone networks simultaneously, giving us maximum coverage out in the wops. Phones that won’t run crying to mummy, ‘charge me’, at 4 in the afternoon – phones with batteries genuinely capable of lasting two days or more.

That’s why we’ve selected the best rugged smartphones on the market and brought them all here. From entry-level to phones with the comparable power and features of an iPhone or Galaxy, to top of the range military-grade models. Depending on how much your life could depend on it, and what you need, one of these models will be right for you.

Fully compatible with NZ and AU networks: we’ve done the homework to source precisely the right model variants so you don’t end up with an expensive brick that doesn’t work here. All models carry a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty

A must have for:
Tradies and farmers (you need a phone that can work where you work: building sites, farms, factories)
Hunters & Trampers (these phones could save your life with massive coverage, massive batteries, SOS and GPS functions, capable of surviving river crossings etc)
Search, Rescue & Emergency personnel (when disaster strikes, a rugged long-life smartphone will be an asset. Dual sim means if one network is down you can use the other)
Skiers, boaties, bushwalkers

If you’d like any guidance on which is the best phone for your needs, call us on 0800 747 007

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