Why our 12 mth warranty is the best in the world!

Buying a new smartphone online can be daunting, so we want to make it easier. Our NZ warranty on these rugged smartphones is the best you will get, and here's why:


If your phone has a manufacturing defect, we'll either fix it or replace it - IN NZ

If your phone has a software glitch - even though warranties including ours don't cover Google's Android system - we will nonetheless talk you through possible solutions from our knowledge database where we can

You'll get updates from us on tips, tricks and alerts about useful new apps

You won't have to worry about what's below...


You probably can't send a phone back if you bought it from overseas: There are a million fly by night online retailers trying to sell you all manner of goods. With fashion that's not a problem, and generally we all love choices, but smartphones contain lithium ion batteries and that makes them "dangerous goods" for air cargo purposes.

Unless the seller has an IATA dangerous goods export licence you may not even receive the phone you ordered or it may have to come via slow surface mail ("Free Shipping").

Secondly, if something goes wrong with the phone you purchased from another online retailer, you may not be able to make a warranty claim or get it repaired (regardless of the 12 month manufacturer's warranty it came with). Why? Because to send it back overseas from NZ you are now required to either have a dangerous goods export licence yourself, or to send it as restricted goods under international express courier (about NZ$150). You can no longer send phones by registered mail or economy courier. It is full price express courier or nothing. Then if the overseas retailer insists the phone is OK and sends it back, you are up for a repeat exercise and a very expensive courier battle.

Still doubtful? Here's a sample of what others are saying on the web:
"After numerous emails (no phone support) I finally got a return ticket. Well that turned to a farce too as the phone had to be returned by normal postage and the local postal service refused to ship a phone. Said I’d have to use an express delivery company. Well the supplier refused any delivery other than standard post. So now I’m left with a US$500+ phone that’s not worth the postage. Never again! - Kirsten

"And finally, unreliable [name of Asian superstore deleted so we don't get sued] - I had to send the device two times, as first they have send me back the device in exact same condition. I have sent it once more, after providing them a few videos with the GPS problem reproduction they said they will send me a brand new one – of course they have sent me exactly same broken device back, unfixed and did not even had slightest decency for reimbursing for the costs of 1st return. They have explained that they rely on the producer tests after repairs while they state on their page they perform a Quality Control before sending back, and that seems to be a lie. I do not recommend using they services as I have never been treated so badly by a seller.


Most NZ resellers don't offer genuine NZ warranties: Chances are you have zero effective warranty protection if you buy on TradeMe, where sellers are drop-shipping from Asia and offering only the Chinese warranty - which means you'll go through what Kirsten and Nick experienced above.

Here's an example of someone who came to us after buying a cheap Blackview on TradeMe sold 'new' but which turned out to be a unit that had been returned by a previous owner as 'faulty' and which died on the new buyer: 

"Great, thank you for your assistance. Lesson learned, don't buy phone off TradeMe."

Or another: 

"Sorry but i did not buy this from you, purchased it on Trade me ,from A company called XXXXXX in [Auckland], I am wondering if the fone i purchased is a fake, there any way to tell? As i stated in my review,  bought this for my son and have had nothing but brain damage..."

Many other NZ online stores are simply overseas resellers who have purchased NZ domain names, and unless they offer a genuine NZ warranty with an NZ address, and they explicitly say they will handle the warranty in NZ, you are still stuck if something goes wrong.

If you are not being charged GST in the price that's another good sign the seller is either based overseas or is not selling enough phones in NZ to trigger the GST requirement; the first option we've covered already, and the second simply means they may not sell enough phones to be able to cover warranty work.


In five years of importing hundreds of phones and tablets, we have physically had to replace about ten phones. Some of those were dead on arrival, some were missing vital parts (like a sim card dock). Either way, we sorted it.

The reality is we have all owned smartphones and computers, we all know that over time they get glitchy and slow as their memories fill up. Downloading apps can cause crashes and clashes.

International surveys have shown, surprisingly, that Apple customers have more reliability problems than Android users, but of the Android phones the latest study says "Among Android vendors, Samsung, LG and Motorola are the least reliable brands, with the failure rates of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge hovering around the 9 percent and 8 percent marks respectively. The three-year old Galaxy S5 is also one of the less reliable devices, with a 5 percent failure rate."

So if you are worried that buying a lesser known phone is a risk, so too is buying an Apple or a Samsung. The difference is that we're a kiwi business that prefers to avoid selling dud phones so we use our expertise to personally test and trial the brands we sell. We are far more interested in reliability than possibly even our customers are. For you it is one phone; for us it is a fleet of phones.


You will get your phone, usually within days of ordering

Your phone will work

If it has a manufacturing defect, we'll sort it by either repair or replacement at our discretion

We'll take the risk, and the hassle, out of buying your new rugged phone

WHAT OUR WARRANTY DOESN'T COVER: Accidental damage is not covered. No phone is completely indestructible and no manufacturer can control for all the different environmental variables that can conspire to cause freak damage, even to a rugged phone. Drops may not shatter a phone, but delicate electronic components and sensors can still be jarred with resulting glitches or waterproof seals can be damaged. There is currently no technology in existence that removes this risk completely from a phone. Not even US MIL-STD 810G guarantees real world protection all the time.

Your phone is a computer, treat it like one. Your rugged phone, if dropped from shoulder height alongside a Galaxy S8 Edge or iPhone X, is much more likely to survive the drop than the sleek phones, but in the right circumstances it can break. Try to minimise exposure to that risk.

Accidental damage is, and always has been, an insurance claim. That includes any damage you may cause to the phone while installing or removing sims or memory cards.

Water damage caused by a failure to keep rubber seals closed is not covered, nor is damage caused by incorrectly plugging USB cables or headphones into the phone, or damage resulting from plugging any cable into a phone that is not fully dry and fully clean. If in doubt, dry your phone in the hot water cupboard overnight.

If you would like coverage against accidental damage consider a one or two year insurance plan from Omnitech NZ

Our warranty does not cover software glitches in the Android operating system. These are most often caused by apps and downloads over which manufacturers have no control and which frequently auto-update without warning. Remedies can include uninstalling suspected apps or in worst case scenarios factory resetting the phone itself. Users should ensure they set up proper backup procedures on their phones to ensure important data is safe in the event the phone has to be reset.

Warranty claims MUST be raised with the Outdoor Phone Store in the first instance via email or via 0800 747 007, and claims will be void if you seek help from any third party without our express prior authorisation.

We will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act but phones used in business are not covered by that Act.

Please choose your new phone carefully. We put as much info as we can on the site about their specifications, weight, dimensions etc, and extensive photos and videos so you can get a clear picture of what these phones are like. We are not obligated to refund or replace a phone just because a customer decides they have made a wrong choice. These are RUGGED phones - they are built tougher than the average bear. They wouldn't be tough if they were as dinky as your current i-Something. We may allow you to swap or upgrade to one of our other phones, or at our sole discretion we may take back and refund. In such cases the shipping is non refundable and we charge a $60 re-stocking fee to put the phone through tests to ensure it is in mint condition and undamaged. 

These terms and conditions are subject to alteration by the Outdoor Phone Store from time to time without notice. Please print a copy of these terms and retain them for reference.

Pricing (why cheap online versions are not the great deal they may appear)

"I saw a cheaper version of this phone online - why are yours more expensive?"

ANSWER: Because we are a commercial importer of smartphones, we HAVE to pay import documentation fees and import GST on border crossings. We are also required by law as a GST registered NZ-based company to charge GST on all sales. On the plus side, any phone you buy from us is tax deductible for NZ business use and GST-claimable.

If you import privately, you may also be hit with fees totalling up to $100 by the  courier for Customs clearance where applicable and then import GST above that. On a $400 phone that is up to a further $150 before it is released to you.

Most importantly, however, the phone you privately purchased at a wholesale price from overseas will come with a 'return to seller' 12 month warranty. While this may be reassuring initially, you will quickly discover it is almost impossible to send a smartphone overseas now because of the Samsung Note 7 exploding batteries fiasco.  It will cost you around $150 to do so, with no guarantee that the overseas reseller will accept your warranty claim. Even if they do, warranty repairs in Asia can take up to six to eleven weeks.

All of this means that a 'cheap' phone with a "12 months manufacturer's warranty" may not have a warranty at all for your purposes, even if purchased from another NZ online seller.

Our pricing includes GST, an NZ electrical safety compliant charger and a retail margin consistent with other bricks and mortar businesses in NZ, which covers all documentation and operational costs of providing you with your new phone and also gives you the best protection under a genuine NZ warranty (because we are taking on that risk ourselves, see above) and after-sales assistance where we can. (try getting that from an overseas reseller).  You heard about our phones because of our marketing efforts, and national advertising is not cheap.

  • Farmproof: "The phone you sent me is fantastic!" - Nigel L, Auckland
  • Tradeproof: "This phone is awesome!" - Vasily K, Auckland
  • Teenager-proof: "It didn't smash when my friend threw it on the concrete!"
  • Lifeproof: "New phone is great, It’s 16:20 and I still have 73% battery! My other phone would be half way through its second charge already." - Richard M, Dunedin