Investigate magazine has been part of the publishing landscape for almost 13 years, featuring award-winning journalism and magazine desgn.

Throughout this time, we have straddled two mediums – print and digital – being the first major magazine in New Zealand to have a website, way back in the 1990s.

With that expertise and willingness to go to the cutting edge, we have always brought our readers – your current or potential customers – an enriched media experience offering the best of both worlds.

Today, like many other publishers in Australasia and around the world, we recognise that the majority of interaction with our brands is now carried out online where, every month, between 12,000 and 60,000 visits generate between 50,000 to 134,000 page views on just one [this one] of our half dozen websites alone.

Those visitors are exposed to our premium advertisers through the preview editions on our homepage:



Independent hosting site, which carries our standalone digital full editions as also featured on our home page, records the following readership for the editions so far uploaded this year:

FEB/MAR issue, 26,883 readers viewed 963,139 pages

DEC/JAN issue, 34,051 readers viewed 1.2 million pages