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New Zealand couple thrown in Bali jail, wife pregnant, possible miscarriage

Expat New Zealand businessman Terry Green and his wife Sasha are trying to seek medical attention from inside a Bali police medical unit after five-month pregnant Sasha began bleeding heavily overnight.

Green says he’s committed no crime and the couple’s incarceration is the result of a friendship between his ex-wife and a corrupt Bali police chief, who has also seized Green’s family home in the Indonesian tourist destination.

“More heavy bleeeding for Sasha overnight…had a Ultrasound this morning. Doctor in this Police hospital suggests complete bedrest for Sash.
Sitting here in our mosiquito infested room I have managed to find Placental Abstraction in the online medical world..Pretty much fits the bill..Sasha was given transfusions when she came here from the cells But they didnt finsih apparently ran out of blood.
Now Im pushing for a second opinion from outside of the police..”


Green is using a borrowed mobile phone to post updates on his Facebook page, and posted a further update early this morning NZ time.

“At 6pm after more blood loss the doctor advised us he wishes to terminate Sashas 5 month pregnancy..we are in shock..our baby is. All we have left they have taken everything else we have except our lives.. They wish to naturally induce the bith via an infusion..
We still dont trust these people I have called in people from The Robin Lim birthing organization..some midwives are on thier way..we are holding on for grim life..when will this torture end….”

Green claims the New Zealand government is refusing to get involved in their plight.

Earlier this week a colleague and InvestigateDaily subscriber, Jim Rowe, backgrounded the case:

“Terry is a kiwi, His wife Balinese. Terry has lived in Bali for 14 years, he has a successful business there. His first wife became Muslim suddenly and disappeared with his children until he found them with a private detectives help 10 months later. She became septic and tried to set him up to be deported including accusing him of insulting the Koran etc. Eventually an ex Police Chief colluded with her..he was deported and by the time he managed to get back she had illegally sold his house to the same guy that deported him for a fraction of its value. He moved back into the house and was arrested and has been in jail ever since. There is a good chance he could be fitted up for drugs or even eliminated.”


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    Karl Schibulsky
    Aug 5, 2012 17:17

    Sadly due to the barbaric circumstances the couple are held and the stress of being jailed for more than a month, Terry posted below yesterday:
    “@ 1.15 this afternoon our daughter Tarisha was called to a better place.. she struggled against all odds presented by our captors and stayed with us for 5 months.
    Tarisha is gone and never forgotten
    Thank you my darling Sasha. I LOVE YOU”

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