Britain witnessing total collapse of the family

Britain’s war on families and its results
Investigate Feb 2009

When commentators question the wisdom of liberal social attitudes, many in the media call them ‘dinosaurs’, and ‘trapped in the past’. But, as HAL G. P. COLEBATCH warns, the chickens are flying home to roost in what could be a major, civilisational threat

To say that Britain has been run for the last decade by people who hate it and its traditional values and who are deliberately and strategically trying to destroy – among many other things – traditional families and family life as part of a programme of culture-war may sound like hyperbolic political rhetoric. However the evidence indicates this is actually no more than a statement of fact. The evidence is also pretty suggestive about who is winning this war.

A survey from The Sunday Times of 30 November, 2008, published under the heading, “Britain on top in casual sex league” claimed: “British men and women are now the most promiscuous of any big western industrial nation, researchers have found … The researchers behind the study say high scores such as Britain’s may be linked to the way society is increasingly willing to accept sexual promiscuity among women as well as men … Britain’s ranking was ascribed to factors such as the decline of religious scruples about extramarital sex, the growth of equal pay and equal rights for women and a highly sexualised popular culture.”

This does not surprise me. Pronounced features of British culture in the last few years have been hedonism spiced with nihilism and a peculiar loss of notions of personal dignity, decorum and modesty. The former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie, by way of setting an example to young, announced in her recent memoirs that she and Tony had had sexual relations on their first date. Another survey a little later indicated that, contrary to normal patterns in virtually every society known, girls in Britain now tend to be more sexually promiscuous than boys.

Meanwhile, under progressive and politically-correct influences and the widespread seizure of institutional power by the Gramscian left, government taxation and welfare policies as well as officially-created or officially-condoned cultural pressures seem deliberately structured to destroy marriage and families. This appears directly related to a huge increase in violent youth crime.

Previous Home Secretary Jack Straw assured England that: “we shouldn’t get into a paddy about the decline of formal marriage.” Other kinds of families, he said, “can do just as well for their children.” (Despite the overwhelming evidence that they don’t).

Prince Charles’ charity, the Prince’s Trust, said in 2001 that teenage girls on sink estates admired their peers who had given birth and often sought to copy their status and acquire the free flat which they thought having a baby usually brought. Developments in the years since then have done much to confirm and nothing to refute that statement.

Late in 2008 the case came to light of Karen Matthews, who was convicted of kidnapping her own daughter to obtain a ransom. Writing in the Sunday Times of 7 December, 2008, columnist Harriet Sergeant stated:

Matthews is the mother of seven children by five” [at least] “different men. She has never worked, but lived off benefits of £286.60 a week. The Matthews’ house was filthy. A neighbour declared, ‘I wouldn’t want to keep a pet dog in there, let alone children.’ Her relationships with men were so promiscuous that when police built up a family tree it stretched to 300 names. Karen’s nine-year-old daughter Shannon was regularly drugged to keep her quiet, had feet encrusted with dirt, was infested with head lice and flinched at any sudden noise. Police found a note scribbled by Shannon to her brother: ‘Do you think we will get any tea tonight? If we’re quiet we might get a bag of sweets. Don’t talk too loud or get a beating.’ This was in a family receiving in benefits the equivalent of £20,000 a year before tax. Seven children were going hungry to bed, not because of social deprivation but because their mother could not be bothered to feed them.

The Matthews household is not a one-off. Researching a report on the care system, I met many children from families such as the Matthewses …

Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe and, in 2001, 90% of births to mothers under 20 occurred outside marriages. Two young men from council estates as far apart as Hastings and Newcastle insisted that girls giving birth at 16 or 17 were no longer the exception in their area but the norm ….

Sergeant quotes Sir Norman Bettison, chief constable of West Yorkshire police, the force responsible for arresting Karen Matthews: “We are talking here about the perverting influence of welfare. The more kids you have, the more money you get.”

This has come after many years of warnings from sources with high credentials. What conclusion can be drawn except that the destruction of the traditional family and the creation of a welfare-dependent underclass has been, at some level, deliberate?WOULD YOU LIKE TO READ MORE OF THIS STORY?

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